Welcome to Sounds of the Rising Sun!

Hi, welcome to the Sounds of the Rising Sun blog, I’m Samantha the owner of this site. This blog is dedicated to sharing and appreciating Japanese music and the rich culture which goes along with it.

Sounds of the Rising Sun will cover a range of topics which include live, album and single reviews, opinion pieces, news, meet the artist pieces, Japanese culture and much more.

I have loved Japanese culture and music for a long time and decided to start this site in order to share my own thoughts along with teaming up with others who feel just as passionate. The website isn’t exclusive to a specific genre, instead it is open to all kinds of wonderful and wacky sounds to come from the land of the rising sun. Everything from hardcore metal to bubbly J-Pop we are open to exploring anything and everything from Japan.

The site is open to contributors as well as any companies who want to work alongside us when it comes to Japanese music. If you have any ideas that you wish to pitch or thoughts and opinions that you wish to share then please feel free to get in touch either through the contact form on the site or via email at soundsoftherisingsun@gmail.com. Sounds of the Rising Sun would love to hear from you!

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