Gamushara (我夢者羅) by Q’ulle Album Review

Release date: 16 January 2019

Genres: J-Pop, Rock, J-Rock


Gamushara is a wild album and much of my time listening to each track was filled with both delight and puzzlement. Is it rock? Pop? Metal? Rap? More like an eclectic mixture of the genres mishmashed into a beautifully bizarre album creating 46 minutes of pure bliss for the ears.

Gamushara starts off with its opening song “INTRODUCTION”, a track filled with pop rock goodness which gives a brief sense of the over all vibe of the album. Following tracks such as “EMOTION”, “Natsushirube” and “Jamashinaide” are jam-packed with distorted guitars and shredding solos which gives off a real classic rock vibe even Slash would be proud of. The album often shifts its tone whilst still maintaining the awesome J-rock and pop vibe taking the listener on a musical journey to display just how much diversity Q’ulle has when it comes to musical genres. Tracks such as “Our Days” and “One Way Dream” really give off idol vibes and would be perfect to be used as songs in series like Love Live School Idol Project. The group dive into rap territory with tracks such as “SORENA” having an urban vibe with by a funky horn section and guest musician KEITARO joining the idol party to spice things up on “HOME”. The group even dips into growling heavy metal hell mixed in with the sweet vocals of each member on “Take Off” 

Overall Gamushara is a beautifully done album and has at least one track that I’m sure many different kinds of music lovers would appreciate. From cute bubblegum idol pop to rocking solos you are certainly in for a treat with this album!

Top tracks: “One Way Dream”,”SO☆RE☆NA” and “Take Off”

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