Indie, Idol and Infamous UK Tour 2019

Idols, adorable girls who sing either together in a group or as a stand alone act are an infamous part of the Japanese music scene. This phenomenon brought to you by ORIONlive UK is hitting the UK this April with full force giving us Brits a true taste of the meaning Indie, Idol and Infamous. The tour which is set to take place over the course of three dates around the country starting off at The Water Rats in London on 20th, The Night and Day Cafe in Manchester on 22nd and wrapping up at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on 23rd. Check out the infamous idols lineup.

DoubleAnd (2&)

DoubleAnd Idol.png

DoubleAnd was originally a double act idol group but after her former idol partner Saya left, Saki decided to carry on with her music ventures and keep the name DoubleAnd alive. The hard working Saki is known for her energetic performances on stage and mixes a rock style with her sweet vocal lines. DoubleAnd has performed previously in the UK before on the Black Winds Over  Albion tour. Switching between her native language of Japanese and English  in order to connect with her international fans this underground idol is sure to be a real hit with the UK alternative music scene. 

14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san

14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san also known as Hanako-san is everyones favourite Japanese toilet ghost. The urban legend of Hanako-san derives from the story of if you enter into the third stall in a bathroom and ask if Hanako-san is there you will be faced with a young girl dripping in splashes of red and white, a blood stained hand reaching out towards you. Without even summoning her fans can get the chance to see the blood red legend herself without the need of visiting any third stalls toilets. Accompanied by her signature eyepatch and rolls of toilet paper Hanako-san began her career in 2013. Her signature musical style features a hardcore sound with her ghoulish growling vocals which would catch any metal-heads attention.


Garuda Japanese Idol.jpg

Sakimura Yuffie aka GARUDA runs both her own solo idol project and performs within the group MELON BATAKE A GO GO. Sakimura Yuffie has been active as an idol since 2016 and joined up with the girls in MELON BATAKE A GO GO back in 2018. Her beautifully dark gothic fashion mixes  with her unique industrial idol style which has yet to be explored by anyone other than GARUDA herself. Her performances are known to be theatrical and the UK music scene should be in for a real treat with her performance.

Make sure to grab yourself a ticket here for one of the up and coming shows. Indie, Idol and Infamous is going to be an experience like no other and the UK seems ecstatic to embrace this moe madness.

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