Metal Matsuri Festival 2019

Metal Matsuri is coming to the UK in the form of the country’s first ever Japanese music festival. The two day festival will be hosted at the London O2 Islington from 4-5 October 2019 and is presented to you by the guys over at ORIONLive UK. The festival offers a regular tickets for either one of the two dates, regular tickets for the full festival and the VIP pre-party package which offers great deals such as exclusive VIP only merchandise, meet and greets and early access. Ten acts will feature over the course of the festival including Mary’s Blood, Unlucky Morpheus, Mardelas, Bridear, Rie a.k.a. Suzaku, Lipstick, Zeroshiki, Fate Gear feat. Ibuki, Blood Stain Child and AYA1000RR. The festival will also be hosted by the one and only Ladybeard. The most buff kawaii Aussie fellow you’ll ever see.

Check out more information about the festival lineup below.

Mary’s Blood


Mary’s Blood is a four piece, all female power metal band who originate from the capital city of Tokyo, Japan. The quartet formed in 2009 and is made up of four of the members who originally performed in the band Destrose. The four kickass ladies who make up Mary’s Blood include Eye on lead vocals, Saki on guitar, Rio on bass guitar and Mari on drums.

Unlucky Morpheus

Unlucky Morpheus

Unlucky Morpheus are known as a “metal doujin circle” who started back in 2008. The members are known for writing both original material as well as creating material for popular shoot ’em up game Touhou Project. Each member of Unlucky Morpheus is known for working not only in this band but also on other projects including DOLL$BOXX and UNDEAD CORPORATION. The bands current lineup consists of vocalists Fuki and Kasumi, guitarists Shiren and Jinya, Hiroyuki Ogawa on bass guitar, FUMIYA on drums and Jill on violin. The band themselves describe their overall sound as “technical melodic speed metal” and like to mix power and progressive metal into their sound.

Blood Stain Child

Blood Stain Child

Blood Stain Child is a heavy metal band originating from Osaka, Japan. Originally forming in 1999 the bands current members consist of Sadew on lead vocals, Ryu on lead and synth guitar, G.S.R on rhythm and synth guitar, Yakky on bass guitar and Yasu on drums. The band is best known for blending together death metal together with electronic and trance music to create a beautifully brutal but melodic sound. They are sure to kick up a metal rave this October.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku


Tokyo based Rie a.k.a Suzaku originally started her solo music career back in 2008. She is best known for her shredding skills when it comes to playing the guitar and takes a great amount of influence from genres including heavy metal, power metal and hard rock.  It’s a rare sight to see a female guitarist in such a spotlight as this but having such a talented guitarist on the festival lineup should get many metal fans blood pumping for more.



Lipstick is an all girl rock band. The group currently consists of Sindy on lead vocals, Sally on lead guitar, Sakae on bass guitar and Mii-chan on drums. Armed with tubes of lipstick on their instruments they are ready to paint London red and kick some British ass with both their sound and their punk rock looks.


ZEROSHIKI photo 2017

Zeroshiki is a Tokyo based alternative rock band who originally formed back in 1998. The band was originally named Hyakushiki but after a few years with that name it was changed to Zeroshiki and the name has stuck ever since. The band have many years of musical experience under their belts and have performed not only in Japan, but also across the globe in countries such as the US and the UK! The band is currently made up of DAI on lead vocals, Shou “Chocchi” Yanagita on guitar and Mugi on bass guitar. With such a well-seasoned band on the lineup they are sure to hit the right spot with the crowd.



Five piece metal band Bridear originally formed in Fukuoka back in 2011. The all girl group consists of Kimi on vocals, Misaki and Ayumi on guitars and Haru on bass guitar.. The band knows how to kick ass and are mainly known for their heavy and power metal sound along with their catchy melodic riffs. They are bound to be a hit for Metal Matsuri with their glamorously dark style in both the music and fashion department.


Metal Matsuri is offering up a whole range of acts including the steampunk ladies in FATE GEAR. This steampunk inspired power metal band originally formed in Tokyo in 2015. Their European tour band members is currently made up of Nana on vocals, Mina on guitar, Erika on bass guitar, Yuri on keyboard and Haruka on drums. Along with these steampunk rockers the band will also be accompanied by guest vocalist IBUKI who was the former vocalist for all girl metal band Disqualia.


AYA1000RR Pic

AYA1000RR, another kickass female guitarist is joining the ranks of the festival. AYA1000RR is made up the single member Ayasen who takes on the roles of both guitarist and vocalist. Along with being on the heavy metal scene Ayasen is also extremely passionate about motorcycles. She brings both her love of music and motorcycles together to create songs about bikes. To top it off she also has experience with acting so she is sure to put on an excellent performance for overseas fans.



Last but certainly not least is the heavy metal band known as Mardelas. The quartet originally started in 2014 and the members currently featuring within the group include Marina on vocals, Kikyo on guitar, Hisayuki on bass guitar and Hideaki on drums. The band features Marina who was once a vocalist for the group Destrose before moving over to work on forming Mardelas.

With an absolutely killer lineup it is enough to quench any metal fans thirst for a good metal festival. Metal Matsuri has a beautiful and unique mixture of artists and having some many female heavy metal artists perform over two days should be a spectacular change of pace for the UK metal scene! Make sure to get your tickets here before they are all gone! No metalhead wants to miss this epic weekend of head-banging.

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