TRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira Album Review

Release date: 6 May 2019

Genres: Pop, J-Pop 

TRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira reviewTRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira was released at the beginning of the month. The anime inspired artwork which decorates the cover conveys the overall sweetness contained within the record. TRIPXFROLIC is like encounting the most bubble gum sweet J-Pop imaginable. Imagine the most sugary high-pitched vocals possible which are accompanied with gaming style synthesisers melodies and some mean drum and bass. Now, accompany that cavity inducing sound with crazy colourful visuals and the biggest bright-eyed kawaii anime girl you could imagine and that is exactly what TRIPXFROLIC is made of. Although at its core the record is primarily a J-Pop and digitally inspired album, Nanahira is not afraid to sprinkle in some traditional Japanese techniques and instrumentation throughout the album. The eight-track album begins with the song Onegai! Kon kon Oinarisame (translating to Please! This is Delicious) which heavily utilises the shamisen as it blends its bright and twanging old-fashioned sound with synthesisers to create a perfect fusion between modern and traditional Japanese styles. The album also contains tracks such as Sorette Saikou Hamburger Dream (translating to That’s the Best Hamburger Dream) which contain breakdown sections filled with fast conversations to create a strange and almost story like feeling to the album. Despite being able to understand the lyrics or not, it is guaranteed to put a smile on the listeners face. TRIPXFROLIC feels like a journey through an energetic anime character’s candy-coated world. Maybe a little too sweet for some peoples liking. 

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