Anti by HYDE Album Review

Release date: 3 May 2019

Genres: Rock, J-Rock

HYDE-album-AntiHYDE’s latest release titled Anti is a thirteen-track album which pulls the listener in from the moment the record begins. The album is a beautiful and commanding rock record which is HYDE’s first solo album to be released for over thirteen years. Anti displays a real collaborative effort between the East and the West as HYDE features both 

Japanese and American artists to help bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. With Anti containing all English lyrics it is clear that HYDE has worked hard alongside western songwriters to try his hand at tapping into the western market and attract more international attention. Whether the lyrics are in English or Japanese, it doesn’t matter as HYDE’s vocals have a haunting quality to them which lure the listener in like a siren would lure a sailor. His vocals can often have a raw, raspy and aggressive quality to them which works perfectly for the tone of the album. The musical journey of the album feels like a powerful rock opera as it mixes the roughness of rock music with the elegance of HYDE’s sultry vocals. Anti has a striking mixture of thrashing and fast paced rhythm guitars and melodic solos and guitar riffs which blend together perfectly. The album also occasionally throws in some electronica to give the record an extra bit of modern flavour. Each track on Anti has polished grace whilst still being a little rough around the edges for that really authentic J-Rock vibe. It is a great and versatile album which is sure to suit all kinds of alternative music taste palettes no matter what your taste may be.

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