A Band Shrouded in Mystery! (IJEN KAI Interview)

Sounds of the Rising Sun got an awesome opportunity to interview the mysterious cyber punk trio who call themselves IJEN KAI! IJEN KAI’s origins are shrouded in mystery as the band dawn masks and dark attire to add to their secretive charm. What we do know is that the band is made up of Ringa, Lee Loi and So-Shin. The band like to describe their sound as industrial electronic mixed in with some punk to create a sound which “comes from another universe. They currently have their first album titled ‘Si01′ out and available for readers listening pleasure on multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music and YouTube. Whilst the band were performing over at Hyper Japan in London I got the chance to ask them some questions to get a peak of what they are all about!

IJEN KAI Band.jpg

Your biography states that you guys have an “unidentified genre” but I was wondering if it would be possible to hear about some of your influences? Have you guys been influenced by other musicians or does influence come from other areas of culture such as film or fashion?

Yes, our favourite musicians are Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Bjork, Prodigy, Portishead, Sex Pistols and so on! Our influences also come from movies and fashion. I (Lee Loi speaking) like movie directors such as David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch and my favourite movies include Mad Max and Onibaba. My favourite Japanese fashion brands including that of Backlash and Yoji Yamamoto.

Does the band name “IJEN KAI” have any particular meaning to it?

“IJEN’s” meaning is from the name of one of the mountains in Indonesia whilst “KAI” is Japanese “魁” meaning “attacking the enemy first”.

What is your favourite thing about being musicians?

When we see people enjoying our music, that is the best thing being a musician.

What are peoples first reactions to you when they see how you choose to present yourselves?

Most people are surprised and say “WTF”!

I know you have recently made your way over to Europe for your first European shows at Hyper Japan. What were your first impressions of performing over here?

THE AUDIENCE WAS AWESOME! We saw the audience enjoying our show. They were so loud! We were so glad to be able to perform at Hyper Japan.

What is the next step for IJEN KAI?

We are working on our second album and we want to release it within this year. We are also planning to go on tour in Europe 2020.

Thank you again to IJEN KAI for this amazing interview opportunity! If you want something new and out of this world on your playlist then I recommend checking out IJEN KAI down below.

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