4th-Peace by Mikanzil EP Review

Release date: 6th May 2019

Genres: Rock, J-Rock

Mikanzil EPTokyo based freelance singer Mikanzil released her latest EP release titled 4th-peace towards the beginning of the month. The four track EP gives a very brief glimmer of Mikanzil’s ability to mix together very mellow indie inspired melodies with a more powerful and forceful rock vibe. The album cover which like many of their previous releases, has a sweet kawaii style to it which fits the overall vibe which 4th-peace creates. The first half of the EP drifts in and out of dreamy and wistful like guitar and piano riffs which give off a feeling of comfort and soothes the soul of the listener. Despite using heavier driven guitars throughout Mikanzil’s tracks, the EP can often still be very floaty and soft with its overall vibe. However, this soft and squishy sense of security is quickly pulled away from under the listeners feet as the EP takes a drastic turn with its third track Satellite. Whilst Satellite is an extremely fun track it does however take you away from the previous tracks floating musical journey. It’s almost off-putting to listen to after hearing the previous tracks as the overall atmosphere of the EP seems to turn completely on its head. The driving and prominent bass riff along with bluesy and out of tune style guitar licks on Satellite have a much harsher rock ‘n’ roll style which when mixed with Mikanzil’s soft vocals create an interesting clash in styles. The closing track titled Endroll shifts back to the wistful indie vibes whilst still maintaining the harsher rhythmic tones from the guitar and bass. Overall 4th-peace manages to mix sweet and bitter tones and somehow pulls it off brilliantly. 

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