Anti by HYDE Album Review

Release date: 3 May 2019 Genres: Rock, J-Rock HYDE’s latest release titled Anti is a thirteen-track album which pulls the listener in from the moment the record begins. The album is a beautiful and commanding rock record which is HYDE’s first solo album to be released for over thirteen years. Anti displays a real collaborative effort between the East and the West as HYDE features both  Japanese and … Continue reading Anti by HYDE Album Review

TRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira Album Review

Release date: 6 May 2019 Genres: Pop, J-Pop  TRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira was released at the beginning of the month. The anime inspired artwork which decorates the cover conveys the overall sweetness contained within the record. TRIPXFROLIC is like encounting the most bubble gum sweet J-Pop imaginable. Imagine the most sugary high-pitched vocals possible which are accompanied with gaming style synthesisers melodies and some mean drum and bass. … Continue reading TRIPXFROLIC by Nanahira Album Review

One Eye Closed Interview

Just south of Tokyo sits the shining city of Yokohama. The city, best known for its beautiful cityscapes where its trademark Ferris wheel known as the ‘Cosmo Clock’ shines all colours of the rainbow throughout the night. The city also prides itself on having the largest Chinatown as well as being one of the first ports in Japan to open up its gates to foreigners. … Continue reading One Eye Closed Interview

Metal Madness, Mischief and Moe! (Indie Idol and Infamous Review)

The indie, idol and infamous tour is everything an idol and metal fan could ask for and more. The Manchester show down at the Night and Day Cafe flew by in a black and red haze leaving the northern audience hungry for more. The three part lineup consisted of Garuda followed by 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san and finished off with DoubleAnd (2&), a line up which … Continue reading Metal Madness, Mischief and Moe! (Indie Idol and Infamous Review)


Metalcore is a worldwide sub-genre which many people from many different countries adore. Fans of this hard hitting musical will be pleased to know that the Japanese metalcore band CRYSTAL LAKE will be visiting the UK for two nights on their latest 2019 tour as well as a spot at Download Festival. Their latest tour will move from their homeland of Japan before moving into Europe and into … Continue reading CRYSTAL LAKE UK Tour 2019