One Eye Closed Interview

Just south of Tokyo sits the shining city of Yokohama. The city, best known for its beautiful cityscapes where its trademark Ferris wheel known as the ‘Cosmo Clock’ shines all colours of the rainbow throughout the night. The city also prides itself on having the largest Chinatown as well as being one of the first ports in Japan to open up its gates to foreigners. … Continue reading One Eye Closed Interview

Mini-Album Review: 空から降る一億の星 from plenty (Japanese Indie Rock)

plenty was a Japanese Indie rock band that formed in 2004 and officially disbanded in 2017. There were three members when they disbanded—Fumiya Enuma (vocals, guitar), Noriaki Nitta (bass), and Itta Nakamura (drums). I discovered them via my cousin who had the pleasure of seeing them perform live in Japan during his visit a few years ago. I fell in love with the vocals and … Continue reading Mini-Album Review: 空から降る一億の星 from plenty (Japanese Indie Rock)